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New Raw Materials - निर्माता, कारखाने, आपूर्तिकर्ता चीन से

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  • A new raw material of CGA-EDIPA

    A new raw material of CGA-EDIPA

    • पैकेजिंग: 220kg, 1050 IBC, flexytank; according to the require of customers.

    • Min. आदेश: 1 Ton

    • प्रमाण पत्र: SGS

    • मॉडल नं.: 85%

    EDIPA can replace DEIPA and TIPA AND TEA completely to produce superior cement grinding aids. EDIPA can greatly improve the early strength of cement, in the case of adaptability, it`s early strength can be higher than TEA. Certainly, it`s possible to increase the latter strength, generally higher than TIPA. The...

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  • raw materials for Cement Admixtures-TIPA

    raw materials for Cement Admixtures-TIPA

    • पैकेजिंग: 220kg, 1050 IBC, flexytank,according to the require of customers.

    • Min. आदेश: 1 Ton

    • उद्गम-स्थान: CHINA

    • उत्पादकता: 30000 TON

    It is an important raw material for cement admixtures, which put in cement mills, could improve the dispersion, reduce the the energy consumption of electric, save time and reduce the wear and tear of the machines. It can improve both early and late strength of cement, etc. Packing: 220kg/drum; 21MT in a flexytank;...

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  • new organophosphorus pesticides Azamethiphos

    new organophosphorus pesticides Azamethiphos

    • पैकेजिंग: 25KG/Fiber Can

    • Min. आदेश: 1 Kilogram

    • उद्गम-स्थान: CHINA

    • उत्पादकता: 10TON

    The high quality one can be used kill Caligus and sea lice, but no harm for Salmon and water, can used in fresh water and sea water. The low quality one are harm for Salmon, only used to kill fly, ants, cockroach and so on. Azamethiphos is an organophosphorus insecticide which acts by inhibition of cholinesterase...

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